Trigger Warning: This story includes sensitive subject matter that may be hard for some readers. 

Veteran singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor has been incredibly candid about her personal life over the years, both the highs and even marital lows. Unfortunately, O’Connor just shared some tragic news, as she confirmed that her 17-year-old son, Shane, has died by suicide. While announcing the news, the celebrated artist also took the time to pay tribute to her beloved child. 

Sinead O’Connor formally revealed the news on Twitter this past Friday. In the first of a series of tweets, she explained that Shane had decided to “end his earthly struggle.” She then went on to express her love for her son: 

My beautiful son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the very light of my life, decided to end his earthly struggle today and is now with God. May he rest in peace and may no one follow his example. My baby. I love you so much. Please be at peace

On January 6, the singer first tweeted that her son had gone missing and expressed dire concern for him. The singer exclaimed that he was “scaring” her and asked that he meet her at Garda Station in Dublin. In one post, she explained that Shane O’Connor was on suicide watch at a hospital and questioned how he could go missing. She then went on to appeal to her son, saying that “your life is precious” and that “God didn’t chisel that beautiful smile on your beautiful face for nothing.”

After her son’s body was found, Sinead O’Connor shared a Bob Marley song on Twitter in his memory, saying “This is for my Shaney.” She also posted a picture of the young man, which is available to view down below:

Amid her tributes to her son, the singer also aimed significant criticism towards the facility that was treating him. In one post, she declared that those in charge were refusing to take responsibility for the situation. She then went on to say that she planned to speak on the subject more after taking some time off:

I’m going to take private time now to grieve my son. When I am ready I will be telling exactly how the Irish State in the ignorant, evil, self-serving, lying forms of Tusla and the HSE enabled and facilitated his death. Magdalene Ireland never went away. Ask the youth.

Mental health is a topic that’s very close to Sinead O’Connor, as she’s prioritized over her career in recent years. Back in 2012, she cancelled a U.S. tour in order to treat her bipolar disorder. Her tendency to speak on such topics has drawn backlash from some including Miley Cyrus as well as fans of Cyrus. This led O’Connor to share a few pointed statements in response.

At this moment, though, it seems as though the “When You Love” singer is seeking not to grieve but to honor her son’s memory. Losing a loved one can be difficult, but it’s hard to fathom losing one’s child, especially at such a young age. But the performer seems to be handling the situation with tremendous strength.

We here at CinemaBlend extend our deepest thoughts and condolences to Sinead O’Connor and her family during this incredibly difficult time.

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