One of the most successful shows of the last decade will wrap for good next month.

Yes, we’re talking about This Is Us!

The NBC series is set to launch its sixth and final season on January 4.

(TALL) Trying to Enjoy Dinner - This is Us Season 4 Episode 1

Ahead of the premiere, the cast is speaking about whether the show could follow in the footsteps of Sex and the City and return with a movie.

In a recent interview with E! News about the final season, the subject of a movie came up, and it sounds like everyone would be interested.

Chris Sullivan said that he is “always on board for the This Is Us family. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen, but that sounds like a great idea,”

Sterling K. Brown said it was something he believes could happen.

(TALL) Toby Bonds With Baby Jack - This is Us Season 4 Episode 1

“Like, we’ve seen the Sex and the City joints, there’s an Entourage joint, if they can do it, why the hell not?”

Mandy Moore said that she and the cast had spoken about returning down the line.

“We were laughing the other day with some of the cast, like, all these shows that are getting rebooted, didn’t they just end five, six, seven years ago?”

“Are we going to be doing This Is Us the reboot in six years?” the actress said.

(TALL) Stars in His Eyes - This is Us Season 4 Episode 1

“I would be game to do anything that would reunite me with everybody here.”

Milo Ventimiglia, on the other hand, believes there

wouldn’t be much Jack on a potential movie, and he makes a great point.

Movies typically pick up several years after the original work concludes, and when you consider that Jack died several years before the series started, it makes sense.

(TALL) Jack Introduces Rebecca - This is Us Season 4 Episode 1

“By the time they usually get to movies, you know, years have passed. I don’t know if Jack storylines will hold or carry through,” the star said. 

“You can absolutely tell a Kevin-Randall-Kate story. You can absolutely tell present-day stuff.”

This Is Us has been a huge hit for NBC, but the creative forces have been vocal about having a six-year plan for the show.

NBC gave the show a three-season pickup following the third season to help bring that vision to fruition.

(TALL) Confident Randall - This is Us Season 4 Episode 1

That could hint that a movie will not come to pass, but it’s possible we could get a spinoff of sorts.

What are your thoughts on a potential movie?

Hit the comments.

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