90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Broke Down Why Ariela’s Previous Marriage Ended, And Wow

Ariela Weinberg explained in a confessional segment that she married Leandro when she was 19, and that the end of their marriage started with a planned move to Indiana that went awry. Though Ariela was set to make the move to the Hoosier State with Leandro, she mentally reversed course and opted instead to travel the world, though she wasn’t very clear about that on the homefront. To the point where Leandro explained there never was a true “break up,” but that Ariela just kept coming home less and less until the point when, at the last minute, she finally informed him that she would not be moving to Indiana, and would instead spend more time abroad. In case anyone thought “travel goals” was a weird reason to file for a divorce, now we know that divorce didn’t happen at the time.

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