Love triangles are a soap staple.

There’s nothing more dramatic than two people who care about each other fighting for the same lover’s heart.

And on Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-23-21, Allie’s all set to learn that the woman she secretly loves is into her twin brother!

Spoilers for the Week of 8-23-21 - Days of Our Lives

Sometimes love triangles can be hokey rather than soapy, but this one has a lot going for it.

It doesn’t get any more dramatic than twins in love with the same person. That in itself is a compelling twist on the siblings in love with the same person trope.

And the fact that Johnny and Allie are opposite-sex twins and that Johnny likely has no clue that Allie isn’t straight makes it even more riveting!

Even though it’s beyond time for DAYS to have some lesbian couples (Kristen and Lani are still a dream pairing for me!), Chanel has strong chemistry with Johnny, too, making this triangle less forced and more interesting than many that Days of Our Lives has had recently.

It’s anyone’s guess how overcontrolling EJ will respond to his son’s new love interest, too, and Paulina also hasn’t quite got the hang of letting go of her adult daughter. So there’s a ton of potential for all sorts of drama out of this triangle.

And a clip in the spoiler video also depicts Tripp declaring his love to a shocked Allie — will this force her finally to acknowledge her feelings for Chanel?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only love triangle on Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-23-21. Half the video is dedicated to a jealous Ava accusing Rafe of having feelings for Nicole and looking sadly at them through the window. Hopefully, this rivalry won’t destroy Nicole and Ava’s friendship.

Not into love triangles? Don’t worry. There’s a ton more going on to look forward to. Please scroll down to check out all 12 spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-23-21.

EJ's Surprising Offer - Days of Our LIves

EJ makes Xander a surprising offer.

According to spoilers, EJ is going to offer to be Xander’s lawyer.

This could be great… or horrible.

EJ needs something better to do than run around town trying to recruit people to help him manipulate Johnny… but is he helping Xander out as part of his campaign to force Johnny to work for him?

Cin's Romantic Celebration - Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara have a romantic celebration.

Yawn. Ben and Ciara have been on an eternal honeymoon since they reconciled.

I wish they’d have their actual honeymoon off-screen.

If they’re going to be on canvas, they need more of a story than having a ton of sex. And for the love of all that is holy, please tell me they aren’t going back to that damn cabin for their honeymoon!

A Passionate Kiss - Days of Our Lives

Things heat up between Chanel and Johnny.

Now, this is way more interesting!

These two have been moving fast, but they have good chemistry, and the Johnny/Chanel/Allie/Tripp story has to start somewhere.

I can’t wait for Allie’s reaction to this!

Paulina and Abe Have a Breakthrough - Days of Our Lives

Paulina and Abe have a breakthrough.

I thought Abe already forgave Paulina, so what is this about?

Maybe they officially get back together.

That would make sense, given that Paulina knows Abe is not Lani’s biological father. After all, it ups the stakes considerably if this secret could tear them apart again.

Ava and Rafe Tangle - Days of Our Lives

Ava and Rafe tangle over his friendship with Nicole.

The annoying thing about this is that Rafe could have prevented it by not acting like he’s having an emotional affair.

ALL he had to do was tell Ava he was stopping by Nicole’s and check with Nicole before telling Ava not to bother coming too.

Instead, he created a negative situation for no reason. I have shipped Rafe/Nicole forever, but this is NOT the beginning I want for them.

Kate Warns Philip - Days of Our LIves

Kate warns Philip not to hire Jake.

The look on Philip’s face in this photo cracks me up. He and Kate have the same expression!

Anyway, I doubt Philip will listen to Kate. When do any of her children ever take her seriously?

I’d like Lucas to accuse her of kidnapping Sami too while we’re at it, but I’ll take any Kate and her kids time we can get.

Brady Invites Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Brady invites Chloe to go away with him.

This spoiler already crushes Phloe fans, but I doubt this is the end of this triangle.

Most likely, Chloe will tag along so she can see her parents and maybe reconnect with her long-forgotten son.

But Philip will get the wrong idea, and jealous Philip is only marginally better than the pouty version we got when he was mooning over Belle. Ugh.

Philip Flips Out - Days of Our Lives

Philip flips out when he learns Chloe is going to New York with Brady.

Of course, he does.

I hope this is a worthless spoiler like the last “fight,” which lasted two seconds and resulted in Philip and Chloe actually communicating with each other for once.

Chloe might not like the possessiveness, though, and I don’t blame her for that.

Gabi and Jake Snoop - Days of Our Lives

Gabi and Jake snoop around for ammo to use against Philip.

Ugh. Philip was so good to Gabi and even dated her for a bit. So why is it necessary for her to betray him like this?

Plus, Victor isn’t likely to put her or Jake in charge of Titan even if he does end up disowning Philip for some reason or other.

He’ll choose Brady and keep that rivalry going. Or else groom Ciara for the position. So this is all pointless.

Haunted By Her Past - Days of Our Lives

Bonnie’s past comes back to haunt her.

Does anyone care about Bonnie’s past?

She’s supposed to get a visit from her sister-in-law, Calista.

Besides having no interest in this, I’m distracted by how much Calista Lockhart’s name sounds like the name of actress Calista Flockhart.

Justin's Best Man / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Justin asks Steve to be his best man.

I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be a hard pass, dude.

Steve has made it more than clear that he hates Bonnie and doesn’t think Justin should marry her, so why on Earth would he agree to be Justin’s best man?

Kayla might talk him into it, but at least at first, this has “bad idea” written all over it.

Meeting Chanel's New Man - Days of Our Lives

Allie and Tripp make plans to meet Chanel’s new man.

Here we go!

Allie and Tripp think they’re supportive friends, but when Allie learns Chanel is dating Johnny, all hell is sure to break loose.

This will probably be Friday’s cliffhanger, but I hope not. I’m all in for this and can’t wait for it to begin.

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