Love Life (HBO Max)

HBO Max has been coming out with some interesting original shows since the launch of the streaming service, like the newly rebooted Gossip Girl, or the Kaley Cuoco-led The Flight Attendant. However, one of my favorites so far has been Love Life. In this anthology series, we follow a new lead character each season, from their first relationship to their very last.

If you loved the relationships in New Girl, this is a great show for you. The first season follows Anna Kendrick’s character, Darby, as she looks for love, and the mix of romance and comedy makes this one of HBO Max’s best shows so far. Also, the friendship between Darby and Sam (played by Zoe Chao) is to die for and I love them so much. Love Life Season 2 will star William Jackson Harper from The Good Place, according to Variety, so if you want to catch up on the series, check it out now before a new story starts!

Stream Love Life on HBO Max.

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