When Rick And Daryl Reunite (Season 7, Episode 8)

As the last moment on this list, it’s certainly not the least. Negan had taken Daryl after his assault on the main group, torturing him to the point where he is mute. Eventually, though, he is able to escape and make it back to Hilltop. There, after so much chaos that has already ensued, Daryl and Rick reunite.

At first, it’s the same old Daryl, trying not to give in to being emotional, but after a second of that and it failing pretty badly, he embraces Rick, both of them knowing what they had gone through so far, and what they’re going to continue to go through if they don’t go up against Negan. It’s a powerful scene for many reasons, but heartwarming as well to see this two brothers-by-circumstance reunite again after such hardship.

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