Big Brother Season 23 has staged a rare return to form for the ailing CBS reality series.

After the utter snooze fest that was Big Brother: All-Stars, the casting team has brought in people that are ready to play the game.

But what has happened since Sunday’s new episode?

Derek X Ponders - Big Brother

Derek X nominated Britini and Sarah Beth for eviction, but he quickly got to work to pull off a huge blindside.

Alyssa, Britini, Claire, Derek X, Kyland, and Sarah Beth competed in the Power of Veto on Saturday, and the result was a true surprise.

Britini secured the win, meaning that she would have the ability to take herself off the block.

Britni D'Angelo

It was a nice way to shake up things inside the house, largely because the other houseguests did not think there was any way Britini could win.

Ahead of the competition, it emerged that Sarah Beth wanted Britini to throw the competition to her.

Her reason?

A bigger target would be going up in her place, meaning Britini would be safe regardless.

It’s hilarious that Sarah Beth thought that plan would work.

Derek Xiao

As for the plan, Derek X wanted to put Christian on the block and send him home, but only if Sarah Beth won.

Tiffany was open to getting rid of Christian, but she also entertained the idea of getting rid of Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth has made comments about getting certain people out of the game.

Derek X struggled to come up with the plan, but after some encouragement, he opted to put Christian on the block next to Sarah Beth.

Sarah Steagall

In doing so, he put two Kings on the block and giving us at home an epic blindside.

Christian learned what was happening leading up to the veto ceremony, but instead of wanting to flip the script, he avoided Derek X.

So, there we have it. Christian and Sarah Beth are the final nominations of the week, but there’s a good chance Sarah Beth will survive the week.

Christian is a huge threat, so keeping him in the game would reduce the odds for everyone else.

Christian Birkenberger

Then again, Tiffany has been open about also wanting Sarah Beth out, which could come to pass.

Things can change on a dime in the Big Brother house, so we’ll probably be left in shock at the upcoming eviction.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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