4. When Schmidt Is Fed Up With The Crime System (Season 7, Episode 5)

While Season 7 was more of a wrap-up season for New Girl, finishing up storylines and whatnot, but there were still plenty of funny moments, and this was Schmidt’s best. When Schmidt is trying to find his daughter, Ruth, at school, he runs into a little girl who is playing there.

He asks her if he’s seen her, but responds saying, “A white man broke in today.”

Schmidt responds angrily. “A whi-A white man? No! Well, what did security do about it?!” And when she answers, “Nothing,” he yells, “Typical!” It’s such a small moment in the season, but the idea of Schmidt tackling the crime system in schools while also saying this to a young child is a lot like him, and also hysterical to think about.

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