You’re The Worst (2014 – 2015) (Hulu)

Another FX (later FXX) show, You’re the Worst follows the story of a self-involved writer named Jimmy, and a self-destructive PR executive named Gretchen, who are both trying to attempt a relationship alongside their friends, Edgar and Lindsey. Through this, it created a never-ending cycle of craziness and plenty of fun.

What really makes You’re the Worst stand out amongst other sitcoms out there is its willingness to tackle more complex issues, just as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has done in the past, albeit through a more comedic perspective. You’re the Worst has talked about issues such as clinical depression, PTSD, and so much more. While it’s not as dark or clever as some of the other comedies on this list, in my opinion, I still think it’s worth your time for sure.

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