Virgin River: Where All The Relationships Stand After Season 3

Preacher, Christopher, And Connie

OK, OK! This is a bit of a cheat, because these relationships are strictly friendly (Connie / Preacher) and surrogate father-ish (Preacher / Christopher). While I refuse (Refuse, I say!) to get in the weeds with how annoyed I am that Preacher has been denied a romance for two seasons after a promising start with Paige (Christopher’s mom), we still need to talk about how this family-like situation was left at the end of Season 3.

So, Preach stayed in Virgin River to raise Christopher while Paige is on the run after accidentally killing her ex-husband (Christopher’s father), Wes. Wes’ super dangerous twin, Vince, knows something is up with Paige, Preacher, and his missing brother. Not only did Vince get to Paige’s friend and convince her to trick Preach into a meeting that left him drugged, incapacitated, and abandoned in the woods, but when Connie and Christopher got home, Vince was waiting for them.

I don’t know how any of them are going to get out of those situations, but you can bet it’ll be difficult!

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