American Horror Stories’ Paris Jackson And Aaron Tveit On Bringing More Sex And Gore To Murder House

Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve played a lesbian on a show before. I was on Star as well. Star was actually the first time I ever had my first on-camera kiss, and that was Brittany O’Grady, who’s also an extremely talented actor. But yeah, I mean, it’s just like any intimacy thing, I think: it’s not very intimate at all. Thankfully, with COVID protocol, there weren’t as many people in the room, because it was as minimalist as possible, and everyone was wearing masks. In between every take, we were putting a mask on and rinsing with mouthwash and doing the whole thing, but it was so professional and so, I guess, coordinated that it was just the job. . . .  Especially during the sex scenes, it was all just very much me trying to make sure that Sierra was comfortable. She was trying to make sure that I was comfortable. You know, like, ‘Is it okay if I put my hand here? Is it okay if I tuck your hair back? Is it okay if I put my hand on your face, on your hip?’ Just open communication, and being very professional. And the intimacy coordinator – her name’s Corrin [Evans] – she was incredible as well, and just constantly checking on us, making sure we were okay, making sure we had the proper garments. It was a very pretty easy experience.

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