Sex/Life Season 1 Ending Explained: The Cliffhanger And What Might Come Next

However, when the duo attends a reading for Sasha’s (Margaret Odette) book, all her talk of “abandoning your authentic self to fit in” triggers Billie, who then has a vision of Brad standing far off in the audience. Billie appears to shake it off, though, and later she and Cooper go to a school play for their son. As Billie watches, she tells us in voice over that she’s happy waking up next to Cooper, but then realizes “it’s not enough.”

Soon, we see Billie running through the streets of New York, as Cooper takes care of the kids at home while tracking Billie’s location via her phone, and calling Francesca. As you may have guessed, Billie comes to Brad’s apartment and tells him she’s not leaving Cooper and “this changes nothing,” then orders with a smile, “now fuck me.”

Fade. To. Black.

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