What To Watch On Plex To Fuel Your Wanderlust

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In the past, CinemaBlend has teamed up with Plex to break down everything from the best romantic movies to thrilling action flicks and more that can be found on the free, yet incredibly versatile streaming service. Once again, we’re partnering up with Plex, this time to shed light on all the great travel shows to fuel your wanderlust, whether you’re actively planning a trip somewhere or just daydreaming about your next adventure.

So, whether you’re looking to explore a side of the United States you never knew existed, set off on a grand adventure of some far away land, or maybe follow a few of the world’s best chefs dive into the complicated history of your favorite cuisine, there is something for you. After that, stick around to read more about the different travel-focused channels on Free Live TV on Plex.

Check out Plex’s streaming platform here.

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