Evil Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Paramount+ TV Show Stars Before

Aasif Mandvi (Ben Shakir)

Now we have Evil skeptic Number 2, Ben Shakir, the team’s technical expert who tries to find out if their cases are actually related to mechanical mischief or environmental factors. This practical church contractor is played by Aasif Mandvi, who’s probably best known to audiences for his long stint as a correspondent for The Daily Show from 2006-2017. But, even if you never watched Mandvi there, he has a long list of credits going back to a 1988 appearance on Miami Vice. On TV, he’s also been on series like New York Undercover, Nash Bridges, the original Law & Order (as well as SVU, Criminal Intent, and Trial by Jury), Sex and the City, Oz, The Sopranos, and Person of Interest. He’s also had bigger roles on shows such as Jericho, CSI, ER, Younger, Blue Bloods, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Aasif Mandvi has also been in a number of movies, including Die Hard with a Vengeance, Spider-Man 2, The Last Airbender, and Mother’s Day, and will next be heard in the animated film Blazing Samurai.

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