Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story: 7 Differences Between The Book And The Show After Episode 4

Dooley Slashes Lisey With A Pizza Cutter Instead Of Using A Can Opener

No matter which way you slice it (sorry), the torture scene in Lisey’s Story is absolutely brutal. It is made very clear that there is no limit to what Dooley is willing to do so that he can acquire Scott Landon’s unpublished manuscripts, and that includes performing extreme acts of cruelty towards the eponymous protagonist. That being said, the precise way Dooley exercises his viciousness is changed in the adaptation.

The miniseries actually foreshadows Dooley’s use of a pizza cutter, as he uses the kitchen utensil for its real intended purpose while sitting in the cab of his pickup at one point, but in the novel it’s not that tool that he uses on Lisey, but instead a can opener – using it to harshly cut Lisey’s breast. It’s not immediately apparent exactly why this change was made for the adaptation, but the scene is just as hard to experience as it is in the source material.

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