Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story: 7 Differences Between The Book And The Show After Episode 3

The “Gone” Instead Of “Gomers”

In my book-to-show comparison for Lisey’s Story’s second episode, I noted that a fair amount of verbiage from the Stephen King novel has been changed for the adaptation – a standout example being the name of the special evil that exists in the blood of the Landons. As it turns out, though, the series hasn’t just changed “The Bad Gunky” to “The Bad,” but also changed “Gomers” to “The Gone” – a reference to the fact that some in the family don’t turn psychotically violent, but instead just catatonic. It’s not immediately apparent why this alteration was made, but, for what it’s worth, “Gomers” does have a more insulting cadence, while “The Gone” sounds more neutral.

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