Sweet Tooth Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Netflix Actors Before

Will Forte (Pubba)

Without the fatherly and somewhat eccentric Pubba, there is no Gus, and without Gus, there is no Sweet Tooth. So, show creator Jim Mickle (Hap & Leonard) & Co. had to find someone who could convincingly become a bearded outdoorsman while still maintaining the sensitivity to raise a half-deer son in his survivalist image.

Who better for the role, then, than Last Man on Earth star Will Forte and his magnificent beard growth? A veteran of 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, and the latter’s MacGruber spinoff, which is soon to be its own streaming series, Forte is known for his completely silly and surreal comedy and has become a major player in the voice-acting game. He can be heard in The Great North, Bob’s Burgers, No Activity, last year’s Scoob! and Fox’s upcoming HouseBroken, to name just a few.

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