Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5 Review: An Inferior Product

Whoa! Did ANYONE guess that Angela Wheatley was behind Kathy’s murder?

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5 gave us an intense hour culminating in one of the most shocking twists yet.

Now that’s how you do a cliffhanger!  Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 6 seems so far away even though it’s only a week, not a month this time, before the next installment.

Facing The Consequences / Tall - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

I always knew Angela couldn’t be trusted, but not for that reason!

She seemed to be playing both sides, telling Stabler she wanted her kids away from Wheatley’s criminal enterprise and attending all of Wheatley’s family functions as if she were still married to him.

She and Wheatley still are clearly attracted to each other, which made Stabler’s insistence on visiting her every time things went south with Benson a VERY dangerous game to play.

And now that we know she had Kathy killed — at least, if Becker is telling the truth, — it’s even more clear that he needed to keep his distance all along.

Potential Double Agent - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

There are only three episodes to wrap up the season, so we must be moving toward a resolution of some sort. But there are sure to be more twists and turns to come.

It’s impossible to know who’s on what side, with the obvious exceptions (e.g., Benson isn’t going to turn out to be an agent of the Wheatleys).

The jury’s still out on Washburn.

SOMEBODY tipped Wheatley off all the way back on Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 2, and we never found out who.

Benson's Concerns - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

Back then, Stabler had his suspicions of the guy, which were abruptly dropped. So the question of which side Washburn is on is still open, and it’ll probably come into play later on.

Meanwhile, did anyone else want to slap some sense into Stabler when he started kissing Angela?

First of all, he doesn’t need to emulate all the men on Days of Our Lives who jump into bed with someone the second they can’t have the person they really want.

This does seem to be part of a self-destructive pattern. Every time Stabler has a fight with Benson over his PTSD or his obsession with catching Kathy’s killer, he runs to Angela for “comfort,” only to get closer and closer to a sexual relationship with her.

Everything Falls Apart - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

At least he came to his senses before it was too late, but that entire pattern is an incredibly bad idea, and I don’t know what draws him to her other than his upset at both losing Kathy and having alienated Benson.

You called me detective back there, because that’s what I am. I didn’t just fall into your life. I was driven into it because I’m investigating the person who killed my wife and took your son away from me. That is my duty and I will not allow anything to derail me from my mission, especially these emotions that I don’t even understand.


He was right in the end, though: he’s supposed to be a detective and has no time for distractions.

He might have picked up signs that Angela was playing both sides and wasn’t exactly who she said she was if he’d been paying attention instead of getting lost in his grief and pain.

An Untrustworthy CI - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

But WHY did Angela order a hit on Kathy, though?

It sounds like she was acting independently of Richard, but is it possible he had her give the orders to create an extra layer of protection for him?

The more I think about it, the more it seems that’s the only thing that makes any sense. Angela had no connection to Kathy and Elliot before the bombing, as far as we know, unless Kathy is going to turn out to have secrets in her past too.

That’s always possible, of course, but I hope we don’t go that route. I’d rather Kathy’s memory and reputation stay intact so that Stabler can move on eventually. He doesn’t need to learn that his wife wasn’t who he thought she was either.

Job or Family - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

In any case, I was sure someone was watching Angela and Stabler, so I wasn’t surprised that Wheatley confronted Stabler.

Each confrontation between these two is more electrifying than the last. Wheatley has met his match in Stabler and vice versa.

Stabler wants to put away the guy who killed his wife. Wheatley wants to stop Stabler from taking what he thinks is his, making this incredibly personal, increasing the tension tenfold.

And the stakes are even higher now that Bell’s entire career is riding on the Organized Crime team taking Wheatley down.

Stabler Screws Up - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

I liked how Organized Crime weaved a police brutality storyline into the narrative. It couldn’t be the main focus right now, but the attack on Denise’s nephew reminded viewers that these kinds of racist violence against Black citizens by police could happen to anybody — even someone related to the cops.

And Bell is in a precarious position because 1PP doesn’t want a Black woman who stands up for her family against the cops in charge of a major unit and is more or less banking on her failure.

But I thought the most powerful scene in this whole subplot was when Stabler accompanied Bell to the hospital, only for Denise to tell him curtly he couldn’t do anything to help.

The message was clear: Stabler was a white cop and therefore on the wrong side as far as Denise was concerned. The only thing he could do was try to have Bell’s back at work, which he agreed he would.

Bell's Impossible Choice - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

It’s an interesting contrast with the lawsuit that Benson just went through, in which she was more or less promised in advance that her job was safe.

Plus, Stabler beat up a suspect to find out what happened to Kathy, and no one batted an eye, while everyone also missed the total irony of him suggesting in front of Bell that the fake cops that Giana had seen might have been real, corrupt officers.

Garland Is Unhappy - Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 Episode 5

Speaking of Giana, how amazing was Benson’s ability to develop rapport with her?

It was a nice throwback to the early days of Law & Order: SVU for Stabler to insist Benson be the one to talk to the child, too, and it was a strong scene because of Benson’s ability to get through to the terrified little girl.

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