Guy Gardner: 5 Things To Know About The Green Lantern Character From The Comics

Guy Gardner Grew Up With An Abusive, Alcoholic Father

Guy Gardner’s unruly behavior has been known to be caused by a split personality, often causing him to lash out in fits of rage. To understand where the darker side of this superhero came from, the key may be in his disheartening upbringing in Baltimore. There, he was raised by his mother, Peggy, and father, Roland – a heavy drinker who was known to idolize his elder son, Mace, while subjecting Guy to daily beatings.

Guy eventually gave up trying to earn his father’s approval and became a full-on juvenile delinquent, which actually earned him more beatings from Mace in an effort to straighten him out. After attending college, where he was able to channel his aggression into football, Guy got a job counseling inmates before becoming a special education gym teacher and, much later, making peace with his father before he died of liver failure. Perhaps, after suffering so much abuse growing up, becoming a superhero inflated his ego and brought out the worst in him.

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