Castlevania: 5 Major Events That Have Happened On The Netflix Series Before The Final Season

A Portal To Hell Has Been Opened Up

Season 3 just went straight off the wall with its storyline, and I loved every single second of it! Trevor and Sypha found themselves in the town of Lindenfeld, which is run by a Judge who has a bit of a problem with the monks in town. You see, the monks, led by their leader, Sala, are secretly trying to open up a portal to Hell (which is given the impossibly cool title of the “Infinite Corridor”) in the hopes of reviving Dracula.

And well… the monks succeed. The portal is opened, and we see Dracula holding his beloved Lisa inside. But while Dracula doesn’t leave Hell, monsters do, and Trevor and Sypha work together to send them back. The portal is eventually closed, but I’d be shocked if we have seen the last of it.

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