Cobra Kai Season 4: 7 Quick Things We Know About The Netflix Show

Vanessa Rubio And Peyton List Will Become Series Regulars In Season 4 Of Cobra Kai

I’m pretty sure we can all guarantee that most of the main characters that we have grown to love over the last couple of seasons will return, especially classic characters Johnny and Daniel, and their kids and students. But, two characters, who have mainly stayed on the sideline for some time, are finally being promoted to main character status in Season 4 of Cobra Kai.

According to Deadline, Vanessa Rubio, who plays Carmen Diez, Miguel’s mother who is extremely hard-working and has been around since Season 1, is finally being promoted to the main cast. Along with this comes Peyton List, who plays Tory Nichols, a troubled teen who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in.

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