Why The Conners’ Dramatic Moments Are More ‘Dynamic’ Without A Studio Audience, According To Lecy Goranson

To her point, audience reactions during hyper-dramatic sitcom moments are a recognizable entity unto themselves. The extended “oohs,” the piercing gasps, the uncomfortable chuckles. Those reactions have been ingrained in many viewers who remember full well when 99% of television comedy worked that way, and the same absolutely goes for all the actors throughout sitcom history. So I was genuinely fascinated to get Lecy Goranson’s take on it, since I was very curious to hear how the lack of immediate audience feedback played into the timing of her and others’ performances. Certainly, after one’s father opines that one’s dead husband should have died even earlier, as it went when Dan got a little too blunt about Mark and Becky’s past, it’s almost necessary to take a second for that hurt to truly sink in.

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