Shadow And Bone: 7 Major Differences Between The Book And The Netflix TV Show

Alina Is Even More In The Dark About The Black Heretic’s Plan

Shadow and Bone books are from the perspective of Alina Starkov, and it is, therefore, up to her to figure out specific plotlines in the story in order for everything to move along as it needs to. But, in the Netflix show, there are a few changes made which allow for some scene variety, and don’t always involve Alina being clued in. In this spirit, the series does not tell Alina about the Darkling’s plans to find the Stag to amplify her powers until much later in the story. In the book, Alina is told by the Darkling himself, but she believes it will be used only to amplify her powers, rather than be used as a collar to control her, until Baghra clues her in.

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