Why The Blacklist Isn’t Done Testing Liz’s Loyalty After The Latest Reveals

Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 14 of The Blacklist Season 8 on NBC, called “Misere,” and light spoilers for the previews of next week’s episode.

The Blacklist finally brought back Liz Keen after a surprisingly long absence, and “Misere” made it clear that Liz wasn’t just sitting around and stewing during her time off-screen. Time away didn’t soften her heart toward Red after he killed her mother, and the episode made it pretty clear who the powerful enemy is that Liz aligned with to advance her goals. The retrospective nature of the episode meant that viewers could see her side of the story, but that doesn’t mean everybody will be on her side. And based on what has been revealed about the next episode, her loyalties will be tested, and all because of that new alignment.

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