Issa Rae: 9 Things To Know About The Insecure Star And Co-Creator

Issa Rae Owns Her Own Coffee Shop And Record Label

In addition to wearing multiple hats as an actress, author, and producer, Issa Rae is a business owner. Specifically, Rae is behind Hilltop Coffee and Kitchen, an Inglewood-based coffee shop and eatery that she co-owns with Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan. With this shop, as New One reports, the prolific writer wants to create both jobs and “a safe space for the community that cultivates innovation, creativity, and collaboration.”

It should be noted that Hilltop Coffee and Kitchen is only the latest way that Issa Rae provides a thriving work environment for marginalized communities. Additionally, the actress is the owner of her own record label, Raedio, which is an imprint of Atlantic Records, as Vogue reported. It’s a testament to Rae’s ever-busy work ethic that she continues to find new, inventive ways to expand herself as an artist and entrepreneur.

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