How The Blacklist Will Explain Liz’s Alignment With A ‘Powerful Enemy’ After Her Long Absence

Warning: spoilers ahead for the April 16 episode of The Blacklist, called “Anne,” and the episode description for next week’s episode, “Misere.

Megan Boone has been missing from The Blacklist as Liz Keen for more than half of Season 8, but the events of “Anne” combined with what has been previewed for next week’s “Misere” reveal that the show isn’t just going to ease her back into the mix. Although she didn’t appear on screen, Liz returned with a vengeance at the end of the latest episode, with Red identifying “Elizabeth” as the person holding Anne at gunpoint. Here’s what’s in store with the return of Megan Boone now that Liz has reentered the fray.

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