Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The Trail of the Missing Witness

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but Nancy Drew truly does keep getting better with every new episode.

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12 was no different, focusing on Ace’s backstory that has been teased for a while now. It was intense from beginning to end, keeping us on our toes while also keeping the mood light as this show does so perfectly.

The last couple of episodes have featured supernatural beings and objects, but this one was rooted in the real world. Nancy Drew has found a balance of the two that works exceptionally well. It’s hard to see the show ever slowing down at this point.

Grant and Nancy - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

Picking up where they left off on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 11, Ace tried to wrap his head around the fact that the new line cook at The Claw is his brother.

While Ace and Grant both tend to blend into the background unless they are shoved into the spotlight, they couldn’t be more different. And that’s what makes their dynamic so great.

Grant: Daniel will be here in twenty-four hours, which is why I decided to confide in you.
Ace: Because you heard that I’ve been called the hero of Horseshoe Bay?
Grant: Because I knew you could talk Nancy Drew into helping me.
Ace: That was my second guess.

They play off one another so well, and there’s no denying that the two are brothers.

Every single moment Ace and Grant shared was tooth-achingly sweet in the best way possible. We just get the feeling that they are exactly what the other needed at this moment in time.

It’s a shame that Grant is leaving, although it’s understandable. But this can’t be the last we’ve seen of Grant since his relationship with his brother and his father has only just begun.

Search - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

The case that brought Grant to Horseshoe Bay was a doozy. Many new truths uncovered that have set up a series of events that will undoubtedly affect the future of the Drew Crew.

Thankfully, Grant’s mother, Suzie, is safe for now. But The Road Back sounds like a formidable organization that will cause a plethora of problems. And an interesting, potential new villain has come on the scene.

Grant, listen to me. You had the guts to leave home, leave witness protection to come find me. You can do this. Okay? Trust me. I’m your brother.


It seems like they’ll circle back to The Road Back on Nancy Drew Season 3 because they pose such a huge threat just to be touched upon for a few episodes.

Plus, with Grant leaving town, the mystery that follows him is on pause. And Nancy has another powerful bad guy to worry about.

Nancy - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

To ensure Ace’s safety, Nancy had to make a deal with the devil. The devil in question being Celia Hudson.

Who would have ever thought that Nancy would recant her testimony against Everett Hudson? She has been adamant about getting her grandfather behind bars, but, in her mind, she had no other choice.

Nancy was desperate to save Ace’s life, and the only way she knew how to do that while also protecting the list of witnesses was to ask for Celia’s help.

We are not risking Ace’s life. No.


Many seeds were planted regarding Nancy’s romantic feelings for Ace, but this might just be the most damning evidence we have seen.

There was no doubt in her mind that Ace’s life was her priority. We already sense some tension between the two of them due to her decision, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Grant - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

We knew that Celia wanted her granddaughter to take back her statement about Everett’s involvement in killing twelve men on the Bonny Scot.

It was only a matter of time before Nancy arrived in the District Attorney’s office to do just that.

Even though we saw it coming, nevertheless it was a shocking and impactful scene.

Nancy truly did not want to recant her testimony, but she had made her bed. And this is when the show picks up momentum for its next set of episodes.

Celia Hudson - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

The case against Everett is unwinnable at this point.

Without Nancy’s testimony or the Saint’s physical evidence, Everett will remain a free man. But this story isn’t over yet.

Nancy Drew always has a trick up her sleeve. She may not know exactly how to beat her grandfather yet, but she and the Drew Crew will find a way.

It’s a very fine line they must walk, though. Nancy needs to gain the trust of Everett to stop him from killing her because they are related. However, he’s also a very bad man who deserves to be behind bars.

This story has been in the making since Nancy Drew Season 1, and it’s sure to get even more interesting from here on out.

Nick and Keenan - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

Aside from the story surrounding Ace, Grant, and Nancy, another member of the Drew Crew tried to build a case against the Hudson patriarch.

Nick set out to find the Saint, someone who has just been sitting on hard evidence that indicates the Hudsons as murderers. Where has he been all this time?

Unfortunately, all the files blame the one Hudson who has recently turned over a new leaf — Ryan. Everett gets the Father of the Year award yet again.

Ace: You’re removing the flavor layer.
Grant: The flavor layer?
Ace: I get it now. Your last restaurant closed due to lack of flavor.

Of course, the Drew Crew want Everett in prison, not Ryan. Nancy’s father has been helping Nick build a case against Everett, which puts a bit of a wrench in their plans.

Everything is so messed up right now that it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But that’s exactly where the show needs to be at the moment.

Bess and Odette - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

At least the characters still have romantic love that is uncomplicated. As if!

George found out about Bess and Odette’s secret love affair that hasn’t gotten past the love letters stage yet, and let’s just say that she wasn’t thrilled about it.

Jesse: Besides, after you fall asleep after a long day, Odette comes out.
George: What? You’ve met Odette?
Jesse: Yeah, she helps me with my French homework.

The relationship between Bess and Odette, while sweet, has been doomed from the start. It’s doubtful that they’ll ever figure out a way to separate Odette from George’s body without permanently killing Odette.

And George doesn’t deserve to have a Frenchwoman inside her for the rest of her life.

Bess has gone through so much lately, so, understandably, she wants to fill a void in her life. But George is right. If Bess wants to save herself from any further heartbreak, she’ll end this thing with Odette.

Nancy and Grant - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 12

What did you think, Nancy Drew Fanatics?

How much do you love Grant and his relationship with Ace? Were you surprised that Nancy made that deal with Celia so easily? Will we ever see Everett behind bars?

And what are your thoughts on the Bess and Odette relationship?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!

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