90 Day Fiance’s Andrew Claims Amira Lied To The Show About Their Fight, And He Has Receipts

Andrew: Actually I hate to rain on parade but I’m not going to be filming today. So ya’ll don’t need to come. Amira is saying she won’t film anymore and the only reason I am filming is for her.

90 Day Producer: What? Why? She is coming tomorrow

Andrew: She sent [redacted] an email about payment or something. She apparently got some agent in Serbia, it’s all madness to me.

90 Day Producer: Well can’t they figure that out I have crew here we are on our way.

Andrew: Can’t even get Amira on phone now.

90 Day Producer: Look whatever this all is I’m sure they will figure it out. I don’t have anything to do with payment and nor do I know what anyone gets paid that’s not [sic] got for producers to know. We have a crew here and everyone is ready to shoot. When things get worked we still need to shoot this stuff and we can’t do this any other day as she comes tomorrow. Then we fake things which I know you don’t like [sic] not do we 🙂

Andrew: I’m sorry this whole thing is for Amira. Things have fallen quite far. My family really doesn’t want to do this whole thing, especially if Amira is no longer…

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