Why The Conners Surprisingly Killed Off That O.G. Roseanne Character

It needs to be something significant. It was also the irony. Back in the day in the fifth season of Roseanne, before they became enemies, Molly was the neighbor who was trying to get Darlene to kind of get out of her shell – she took her to her first concert. So we thought, all right, this is an interesting person to come back into her life. And they were such polar opposites, you know? Darlene was a little dark cloud, and Molly Tilden was this ball of energy. We thought she really could still be that person, and if she brought that into Darlene’s life now, of all ironies, these two bitter rivals become close, because their lives were similar. We decided that Molly had also gone through bad relationships and kind of never got her life started. She started getting serious about a mate young, like Darlene did, and didn’t really ever have her 20s and 30s. So since they shared that, we thought that would really be a way to motivate Darlene if something happened to Molly. So it was definitely very much forethought to have this cap in this way, and it was really effective. Because she now kind of looms over the universe of The Conners in a way that you see made Darlene change. I mean, you really see a big change in Darlene for a few episodes here, where she is all about joining in, like a Darlene you’ve never really seen before.

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