Mayans M.C. Boss On That Awesome Jax Teller F-Bomb And Getting Out Of Sons Of Anarchy’s Shadow

Yeah, exactly, and it’s done with such love. It’s a thing of like, everyone who comes from all the Sons fans are people who love that mythology, and we’re part of that, but I feel like for two seasons, we were forced to genuflect, we were forced to get on our knees. You know, our brown guys get into trouble, they call the white guys to come save them – here comes the cavalry. [Laughs.] And they’re talking about a guy, Jax Teller, who is such an incredible character – Charlie Hunnam did such an amazing job – but then you have people hundreds of miles away from a rival club, or maybe a best frenemy club, talking about him with such reverence? It just was not…it never felt truthful. That’s done with all the most love, particularly to Charlie. I love these guys. I love Tommy Flanagan, I love DL, these guys are like my brothers. We can’t wait to continue to get to play with them, but this is our show, man, this is our shot. We’re not gonna be in anyone’s fucking shadow anymore.

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