Law And Order: SVU’s Showrunner Is Already Teasing More Benson And Stabler After Organized Crime’s Premiere

So at this point, we know that Law & Order: SVU is setting up to give fans the cherished Benson and Stabler connection for at least one more episode after the April 1 crossover, but when will it fall in the O.G. spinoff’s twenty-second season? It’ll probably be a Sweeps Week move, though it’s hard to tell what Sweeps Week even is anymore during pandemic times. While waiting to hear more updates, we’ll be sitting back and hoping that Mariska Hargitay is allowed to make a similar jump over to Organized Crime once or twice more during that show’s 13-episode debut season. Hell, if Hargitay and Meloni wanted to bring their characters together for a musical spinoff, that’d be fine, too.

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