Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias: All Of The Relationship Statuses Going Into Season 2

Annie Sullivan And Tyler Townsend

If you’ve noticed a pattern of potential love triangles on Sweet Magnolias, there’s no need to worry that the teens on the show get left out of the messy, romantic fun. Dana Sue’s daughter Annie has a serious crush on Tyler, who mostly just sees her as a friend, but also, you know, kinda also like likes her, too, and they did kiss after Annie got drunk at a party. But, not only is Tyler sorta dating cheerleader Cece, while Annie went to prom with nice guy Simon, a third complicating factor is Tyler’s little brother, Kyle.

He, of course, has the biggest crush on Annie, and would be more than happy to tell the world, except he can tell that, once again, he’s also going to lose out to his popular older brother when it comes to Annie’s affections.

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