Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy: Premiere Date, Cast And 6 Other Quick Things We Know

Netflix Dropped A Mysterious Teaser For Jupiter’s Legacy In Late February

We haven’t gotten a good glimpse at Netflix’s hotly anticipated new superhero series just yet, but we’ve been properly teased for Jupiter’s Legacy. In late February, in an effort to drum up its blockbuster-friendly early May release, Netflix dropped the first mysterious teaser trailer, which features a gravely-voiced Josh Duhamel (presumably) providing voice-only narration over symbols, capes, and corridors that will likely only be familiar to those who read the graphic novel series. Of course, some of the imagery is evocative of other well-known superhero properties, but it’s clear that Jupiter’s Legacy is attempting to establish, well, a legacy of its own. To some unseen superperson, Duhamel claims they’ll one day be “stronger than anyone else in the world,” and “every evil in the world is gonna rise up against mankind.” 

With a lingering threat of “vengeance,” this trailer promises that this kin will soon be “the future,” thus ushering in a new era of heroes for this superpowered world in this intriguing introduction.

Check out the teaser below:

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