The Expanse Season 6: 7 Quick Things We Know About The Amazon Series

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But It Doesn’t Sound Like We’ll Be Getting That Big Time Jump

In The Expanse novels, there is a major, 28-year time jump between the sixth and seven books, but fans hoping to see how that major shift would play out in the Amazon series might be in for some bad news, because it looks like the show will either end with or just before life nearly 30 years later. When speaking with ComicBook in December 2020, Shankar said that she, Daniel Abraham, and Ty Franck had always talked about having a six-season framework because there was always a natural endpoint at the end of the sixth book (the 28-year time jump).

This isn’t to say The Expanse Season 6 won’t show how things play out for everyone following the nearly 30-year jump forward in the final moments of the finale, but in that case it would be more of a prologue for the series than anything else.

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