Parasite TV Show: What’s Going On With The Bong Joon-ho Series At HBO

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In early 2020, Parasite and its director, Bong Joon-ho, was all anyone could talk about. The 2019 psychological thriller and its director had won nearly 200 individual awards and became the first foreign-language film to take home the Oscar for Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards, cementing its legacy as an instant classic. The crowning achievement even led to talk of the movie becoming its very own TV series over at HBO.

Leading up to and following the Oscars in February 2020 there was a lot of buzz surrounding the project, which was to be executive produced by Bong Joon-ho and Adam McKay. There was talk of the show’s length, how it would differ from the original Parasite, and even some of the actors who were being eyed for lead roles. But a year has passed since we last heard anything of consequence about the project and some of us are wondering what’s going on with the Parasite TV series at HBO.

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