The Miz Won The WWE Title, So What’s Going On With Bad Bunny, Drew McIntyre And WrestleMania?

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Before we get into the meat and potatoes here, though, let the record show I’m very happy to see the WWE Championship back around the Miz’s waist. He’s a tremendous heel. He’s good on the microphone. He pretty famous. His in-ring skills are solid, and he drops hilarious Instagram posts patting himself on the back. Yeah, he’s not the strongest, the toughest or the most talented WWE Superstar. I don’t want him to have some crazy multi-year reign like he’s the second coming of Bret Hart, but as a transitional champion, I’d rather see someone like the Miz than someone else that looks more physically imposing but can’t figure out how to draw real heat. The goal is to tell a good story, and The Miz always helps tell a good story. So, good for him. He’s earned it by doing good work, even when WWE had his character in some lousy situations.

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