The Office: 11 Heartwarming Moments From The Series

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When Jim Comforts Dwight In The Hallway As Well

And to this, in turn, we go to the other half of the famous couple, Jim, this time comforting Dwight in The Office. Dwight himself has had some unfortunate luck with love, and when Angela, the one person he genuinely cared about, leaves him for Andy after what Dwight did to her beloved cat Sprinkles (I mean, he did put the cat in a freezer), he’s heartbroken.

There, Jim finds him in the stairwell, all alone, and has a heart-to-heart with him, telling him why he left Scranton in the first place during the last season, because he couldn’t stand to see Pam still engaged to Roy after she shot him down. It shows that even though they are office enemies, they really are more alike than they appear, and anyone who is lovesick can relate.

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