The Walking Dead Characters, Ranked By How Likely It Is That They’ll Survive To The End

11. Eugene Porter

Ah, Eugene. I genuinely feel that the whole fanbase hated him when he first arrived on The Walking Dead, but he’s another Father Gabriel-type where over time, he started to prove his worth, especially with how he worked against the Saviors from the inside-out, acting as a spy almost.

But what makes him a little higher than Father Gabriel in terms of survival? A combination of two things: Eugene actually survived the whole entire comic-book run (if you can believe it), and he has a solid story set-up in the upcoming season, with the entrance of the Commonwealth, and this new love-interest named Stephanie.

However, there seems to be a curse on the show that as soon as a new story is introduced to certain characters, they tend to die quite quickly, so I’m a bit apprehensive.

Will They Survive To The End Of The Series?: 50% chance. I’d like to see him pull through, but the show hasn’t strayed from making changes to who dies before.

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