Eli Goree: 8 Things To Know About The Riverdale Actor

Eli Goree Prepared To Play Muhammad Ali For A Long Time

In Eli Goree’s view, he was born to play Muhammad Ali. The actor has many striking similarities to Cassius Clay, and he has been training himself and studying the boxing legend for a long time to adopt the role. Earlier in his career, Goree was set to lead Ang Lee’s Thrilla in Manila, but as he did extensive training and research for the role, the movie fell through. Crestfallen, Goree used his expertise in the subject to star in the play Fetch Clay, Make Man, before he learned about Regina King’s movie. Thanks to his skills and knowledge about the subject, Goree became an easy pick for the part, and he finally had the opportunity to play the late athlete.

In the process, Eli Goree put on 40 pounds of muscle, lost 20 pounds of fat, and spent many waking hours working his body into the athlete’s shape. Certainly, all that effort and time paid off. His leading performance was hailed as a breakthrough. When discussing his hopes to someday play Muhammad Ali, he told Buzzfeed:

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