Legacies Season 3 Episode 1 Review: We’re Not Worthy

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but “We’re Not Worthy” was an appropriate title for Legacies Season 3 Episode 1.

After such a long hiatus, I expected so much better. Legacies Season 2 Episode 16 left us with our fair share of cliffhangers that needed to be resolved, and the premiere gave us answers in a roundabout way that wasn’t satisfying.

We’ll start with Alaric and his decision to send the students away from the school for the day as he tried to figure out what happened to Hope and Landon.

A Wild Development - Legacies

He said he wanted the teenagers to live as teenagers for a day, but he completely forgot that Malivore is still sending monsters and could have left himself and the bodies of Hope and Landon in harm’s way.

I know he was stressed out with the sheer volume of things going wrong, but after monsters started arriving on Legacies Season 1, he should have put some contingency plans in place.

Alyssa: Sorry, just for clarification. Does our community include your daughter who murdered me and held the entire school hostage to stage a grotesque display of black magic power?
Alaric: Josie is back to normal and safe.
Alyssa: Thanks to Hope, who I’m noticing isn’t here at the asscrack of dawn like the rest of us. So much for unity, I guess.
Alaric: Hope, I’m sure you all can understand, was hit hard by what happened to Landon and she’s just taking some time for herself.
Wade: Speaking of, how is my boy Landon?
Alaric: Getting Landon back is my top priority and I won’t stop until I do, and that would go for any one of you.
Kaleb: Okay, so what are we all supposed to do now, and why are we wearing gym clothes?
Alaric: Something you haven’t had the chance to do in far too long. Be kids. I want you to remember what it’s like to not have to worry about something you shouldn’t have to, and grow closer together in the process. Now, before you ask me how.
M.G.: As president of the Student Activities Committee, I would like to welcome you all to the first-ever Salvatore School field day. The buses are waiting for you outside. Don’t forget to bring your smile.

The case of the week being Nimue was a little too Disney Channel for me, and it was hindered by poor execution.

If the show wanted the Super Squad to find a way to work together without Hope, it could have done so in a much darker manner.

Unimpressed Sisters - Legacies Season 3 Episode 1

Part of the wider problem with Legacies is how it switches from serious to stupid in a matter of scenes, and I hope it gets rectified when we get to the episodes that are not Legacies Season 2 holdovers.

Rafael being deemed a King was bizarre and felt like a way to utilize the character instead of sending him away for many episodes.

The writers don’t know what to do with him, and it’s been obvious since the beginning of the series. The show has such an expansive cast and not enough meaningful plots to serve the cast. It’s very unfortunate, especially when The Vampire Diaries and The Originals struck the correct balance from the beginning of their respective runs.

Rafael feeling bad about what happened to Landon was probably the most genuine plot the writers have given him to date.

The Necromancer Returnsq - Legacies Season 3 Episode 1

I enjoyed how Rafael tried to get through to Landon that he needed to choose to live again instead of going into the light and crossing over to the Great Beyond.

Deep down, Landon has always wanted to do the right thing, and it’s honorable that he wanted to sacrifice himself if it meant nothing would become of the dark magic.

Lizzie: A freaking field day? As in an entire day spent in an actual field? That’s your plan to get everyone to stop looking at Jo like she’s an axe murderer?
Alaric: You got a better one?
Lizzie: I’m so glad that you asked. Based on my own personal growth, I have created a 17 step approach.
Alaric: Elizabeth, I have got time for exactly one step and that involves you looking out for your sister while I deal with Landon, among many other things.
Lizzie: Dad, it’s not possible. I’ll have to deploy the nuclear option, which is me backsliding to using my mean girl bully tactics to persuade everyone to forgive and forget all the awful things that Jo did, and I’m just not that person anymore.

I only wish they could have come up with something better than Hope being in a coma-like state because she was waiting for Landon to sweep her off her feet.

Hope lacked a plot during the back half of Legacies Season 2, and given that the show was built around her, that shouldn’t be the case.

Saving Hope - Legacies Season 3 Episode 1

We’re constantly being led to believe that she’s a strong witch and werewolf, only for her to be overpowered for the most bizarre reasons.

Josie’s pain about everything she did with the dark magic was a decent enough plot, and it was fun to see the way Lizzie tried to look out for her sister.

Oh, careful witches. Don’t let her catch you laughing or she might snap … your necks.


Josie putting her magic in a box at the back of her mind was probably a good idea, but she failed to realize that monsters are still terrorizing the school.

There’s a bigger picture here that many of the characters are not thinking about, and all the roads lead back to the freaking Necromancer.

Legacies Season 3 Poster

The character is absurd. His arrival on Legacies Season 1 was nice because he was fresh and exciting, but he’s been truly horrid ever since.

He’s also bringing people back from the dead, something that can make or break TV shows. Despite him being pegged as a big villain, the characters seem too safe with him pursuing them.

On second thought, let the games begin.


Killing Chad and joining forces with Alyssa was a nice way to start what is likely to be Alyssa’s final arc, but they really could have killed off a character with more prominence to leave the audience thinking there’s more of it to come.

Alyssa has been power-hungry before, but she now knows that her influence in the school is amounting to nothing, and it probably helps matters that she despises both Lizzie and Josie.

Alyssa's Not in a Good Way - Legacies Season 2 Episode 15

If she can make their lives hell before dying or going on the run, she will take that as a win. She’s a much more convincing villain than any of the others because we’ve witnessed her backstory, as well as her struggle with her abilities.

She’s not had an easy life, and it wouldn’t be difficult for her to become a full-fledged villain.

“We’re Not Worthy” could have been a great opening episode, but it was held back by the forced comedic scenes and a monster of the week that, quite frankly, did not fit in with the tone of the series.

What about you, Legacies fanatics?

Landon Upset - Legacies Season 2 Episode 15

Did you like the monster of the week, or did it take away from the matters that needed to be resolved?

Are you glad Alyssa is evil, or did you want her to be good? Are you surprised Chad died?

Hit the comments.

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