WandaVision’s 10 Creepiest Moments From The First Two Episodes On Disney+

Vision’s Boss Choking At Dinner

And lo, the dinner scene arrived, causing the deep end of the weirdness to envelop us all! Things already seemed off-kilter once the great Debra Jo Rupp’s Mrs. Hart remarked on her hunger-dizziness, but they got all batshit once the equally great Fred Melamed’s Mr. Hart loudly questioned Wanda and Vision’s memory issues before choking on his food. No one helped him initially, and his wife just kept repeating “Stop it!” over and over in a way that made me want to cough up whatever the last thing I ate was, if that would have cleared his airways. After way too long, Vision removed his boss’ food clog at Wanda’s command, and everyone went on about their evenings. I’d say the sudden casualness was just as creepy as the preceding moments, but nothing beats Rupp’s incessant “Stop it!” pleas. (Let’s not forget that Vision is technically dead, too.)

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