5 Marvel Characters Ian Somerhalder Would Be Perfect To Play


There are a few other Marvel characters who have yet to be given the cinematic treatment for bearing certain resemblances to other comic book characters, including Machinesmith – the metal-bound alter ego of computer science and engineering expert Samuel Saxon. However, what makes him different from Iron Man is that he is a criminal who managed to transfer his own consciousness into various robotic devices after suffering a nearly fatal injury.

I actually have a couple of reasons why I would cast Ian Somerhalder as Machinesmith. First of all, he was one of the main protagonists of the technophobic 2006 horror flick Pulse, and playing a digital copy of an evil soul would be another opportunity for him to see things from the perspective of his past onscreen enemies. Not to mention, part of the secret to his charm as Damon on The Vampire Diaries was his more mischievous ways, which he would, once again, be able to crank up to the next level as this underrated Marvel villain.

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