Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded Albums: 9 Major Questions We Have About Them


Will This Lead To A Tour?

Remember concerts? In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to say when it’ll be safe for us to return to the stadiums to see our favorite mega-artists perform live, but should that happen in the next year or two, will Taylor turn these re-recordings into a theme for a new tour?

Technically, Taylor Swift already has two albums that have yet to receive the tour treatment. She was set to do do LoverFest this year — in Boston and Los Angeles, as well as venues overseas — but that event has been postponed indefinitely. And who knows what her plans are for Folklore, if/when live music events are a thing again. But is she considering doing something else, either separately or in place of those albums, to celebrate the new recordings of her past works? At this point, I’m sure I’m not alone in not being particular, but the thought of a musical event that celebrates eight albums worth of Taylor Swift’s songs sounds kind of amazing.

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