One Chicago: All The Fire, Med, And P.D. Relationship Statuses After The Premiere Time Jumps


Spoilers ahead for the fall 2020 premieres of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. on NBC

One Chicago is finally back on NBC after a prolonged hiatus, and the three hit NBC shows didn’t pick up where they left off back in April. With the doctors and nurses in Chicago Med Season 6 in the thick of COVID, Foster’s replacement joining Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire Season 9, and Atwater dealing with prolonged harassment from racist cops in Chicago P.D. Season 8, a lot has happened over a time jump. So, now that the One Chicago action is starting up again, let’s take a look at all the Med, Fire, and P.D. romances (or potential romances) following the time jump into the new seasons!

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