Sons Of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam Has Blunt Response For If He’d Ever Return As Jax Teller


Of course, that’s just looking at Charlie Hunnam’s answer wholly semantically, as opposed to focusing on the emotional truth he offered up. As he’s said in the past, playing Jax Teller and living the SAMCRO life for seven seasons took its mental toll, with Jax factoring into at least 75% of all the hyper-violent, destructive and traumatic situations that went down. Especially in Season 7, with Jax mourning his lover’s brutal death before discovering some very troublesome family truths that threatened to make him lose it. Even though Sons of Anarchy got pegged as a macho soap opera some of the time, that doesn’t mean the series was lacking dark and damaging moments that weigh heavily on the psyche.

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