11 Horror TV Shows Stephen King Has Praised Over The Past Few Years


Castle Rock (2018-Present)

For Stephen King aficionados, Castle Rock is practically a safe haven. Well, maybe not safe, per se, but you get the idea. It’s an anthology series that features various characters, locations, themes, and stories found throughout Stephen King’s five decades as a published author, one that undoubtedly delights in its inclusion of numerous distinctive, recognizable references, callbacks, nods, and lifts from King’s prolific career. The show won over many fans of the author’s well-read work, but what does the man himself think? Does it float his boat? Thankfully, but not surprisingly, King is a mighty big fan of Hulu’s celebrated horror show. The creators must’ve had the biggest sighs of relief upon his warm approval.

On Twitter, Stephen King was quick to note that, while all the easter eggs are fun, Castle Rock works on its own terms, too.

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