Saved By The Bell Revival Reveals First Look At Lark Voorhies’ Surprise Return As Lisa Turtle


At this point, Saved by the Bell appears to have brought back all of the main characters save for Dustin Diamond’s Screech Powers and Dennis Haskins’ Richard, er, Mr. Belding. Considering Dustin Diamond’s post-SBTB history and headline-making incidents, it’s questionable if he or Haskins will be back in any capacity. It would be weird if they both stayed absent throughout the first season, considering even Ed Alonzo’s Max (of The Max fame, of course) is returning for the revival. I’m definitely hoping there will be more than a few surprises in store for hardcore fans who know all the background characters from the original run. If they could only get Hayley Mills from Good Morning, Miss Bliss to also make a cameo…

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