The President Is Missing: Plans for Showtime Series Cancelled


The President Is Missing appears to be dead in the water. Showtime has cancelled its plans for the dramatic series that’s based on the book written by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. David Oyelowo was set to star in the series with Anne Dowd.

It was Dowd that revealed the series was not moving forward at a press event for another project. She said the following, per Variety:

“[Production] stopped midway and then because of the pandemic, the relevance of it, things needed to be changed in the writing because of what happens to the President. It just wouldn’t have worked. It would have had to have been re-conceived.”

Showtime won the rights to the novel in 2018 before it was released, and it was a project a lot of other networks were interested in. It is possible another network or streaming service could pick up the series.

What do you think? Did you plan to check out The President Is Missing? Do you want to see it picked up by another outlet?

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