Supernatural Director Reveals The Great Advice He Got From Jensen Ackles And MIsha Collins


Misha said, ‘Don’t let Jared get his hands on your script or your notes. Because you’ll never get them back.’ And Jensen and I had a couple of good talks about doing the homework and showing up prepared. And you know, there’s so much that goes on directing that doesn’t happen on the live set. You know, there’s a lot of sitting in the office alone, with your thoughts and fighting with your own mind for hours. Jensen came to visit me a few times up in the studio office. And I was covered in paper and notes. I would write notes on my arms, on my hands, on the desk. I have things everywhere, and I’m constantly rethinking what I want to do for these guys and for this episode. And he just knows what it is like, because they both directed, but Jensen was like, ‘Do your homework, buddy, do your homework.’ And it was constantly him reminding me to work, put in the extra work and the homework and it pays off. It does. You get on set and you can really work creatively once you’ve done the homework behind the scenes.

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