Chris Rock: 10 ’90s Movies And TV Shows To Watch If You Like The Fargo Star


Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

A few years after Chris Rock and Chris Farley last appeared together as cast members on Saturday Night Live, the old friends got back together for the 1997 comedy Beverly Hills Ninja, which saw Farley take on the role of Haru, an American who was raised in a village of highly trained ninjas. When Haru is sent to Beverly Hills (hence the name), tasked with protecting Sally Jones (Nicollette Sheridan), he meets Joey Washington (Chris Rock), a bellboy who ends up being instrumental to Haru’s mission.

And while Chris Rock is only in a few scenes, he makes use of all the time he gets here, especially when Chris Farley’s Haru has him drive him to a mysterious warehouse, even if it means through a horse race and car wash. Watch it for yourself on Starz right now.

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